About us


Concerning the technology of MassTech, we would like to develop the technology worldwide, especially want to expand to Middle East and Southeast Asia.
If you want to apply our technology, please feel free to contact us anytime.

We started the business of no flat tires so called “No-Pan tire’” by Repair-M Gel over 10 years ago.
The Repair-M shop which performs Repair-M Gel injection processing has spread from Hokkaido to Okinawa, about 100 stores throughout the country. A number of no flat tires products have appeared in the world, and one day they went away from the market.
Thanks to you, only Repair-M Gel got a high reputation, We think that this is the result of cooperation of everyone, including shops. I really appreciate it.
We will continue to improve our company's products such as Repair-M Gel day by day without compromising on the current situation. We have just sold Repair-M Gel Super Soft which has greatly improved ride comfort but we are proud that it will meet everyone's expectations.

Would you like to open the Repair-M shop that provides services to prevent punk?
You can open not only in Japan but also overseas. If you are interested, please contact us.. In the case of abroad, We will carefully teach you how to operate the equipment by Skype

We always pursue
"Pursue essence"
Our motto is,
Do what people do not do"
We will continue to challenge various fields in the future.
In addition, we will visit our company to be one of the world's leading companies in manufacturing and selling power-saving electric power devices in five years.

Recently, we succeeded in developing a long-lived lead-acid storage battery with a lifespan of more than 10 years, based on which we have developed a programmed smart inverter, which is based on "MassTech Energy “Anshin’”(safety) System (M-EAS)" and "Long Lifetime Maintenance Free batteries ", and advanced to the electric power field.

We will continue to create this unique thing for the development of Japan without forgetting this initial intention. Moreover, the place of our activities will not stay in Japan, have a global perspective, and will expand rapidly overseas. I would like to ask for your continued guidance and encouragement in the future.

MassTech Co., ltd. Overview
CEO: Masafumi Emoto
Capital: \40,000,000
Head office: 6-50-6 Shimouma Setagaya Tokyo 154-0002
Yokohama research laboratory : 1-1-1 Fukuura Kanazawa Yokohama Kanagawa 236-0004
West Japan branch office: 1-16-5 Mikawa-anjocho Anjo Aichi 446-0056

Descriptions of business
1.Development of M-EAS (MassTech Energy Anshin System): Electric power sysytem
2.Development of Repir-M gel: No flat tire sysytem
3.Development of M-AS: Activated sheet
4.Development of MA-OPP8 (One Pass Filter for Activated water)

Main customers
Roju Cold Chain co., ltd.
Nissin Iryoki Co., ltd.

History of MassTech
May 2002: Establishment
June 2002: Establishment of West Japan branch office
Nov. 2004: Complete of Repair-M gel
June 2004: Start of Repair-M shops
Apr. 2012: Establishment of Yokohama Laboratory

Explanation files of products

When in emergency, MassTech is very helpful:MassTech Three types of technology(PDF)
M-EAS : Electric power system M-EAS (PDF)
Repir-M gel: No flat tire system No Flat Technology (PDF)
Seawater desalination plant SeawaterDesalinationPlant(PDF)
M-AS: Activated sheet Activated Sheet (PDF)
MA-OPP8 (One Pass Filter for Activated water) Device of Activated Water (PDF)
MA-DDSkit: MassTech vacuum-packed kit MA-DDS(PDF)